Selected Press


John McDonald Review 'The Reject Shop: The works the Archibald didn't want', Sydney Morning Herald, May 28th, 2022

Interview on 'ABC Drive Radio', June 12th 2019

The 7th Supersonic Invitational at Spoke Art in NYC on, January 3rd 2018

Carl Altmann on 'Ephemeral Change', Kidogo Gallery, January 2016

ABC Radio Interview on 'Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfts' exhibition, November 15th 2016

'Intertwined connections' ARTEFACTS, The West Australian, October 28th 2016

'Artist's work speaks of identity' Broome Advertiser, November 3rd 2016

Feature artist on art/design website 'BOOOOOOOM', 1st August 2016

Painting- 'Dinner Lament' featuring on ABC news 'Black Swan Portrait Prize' Story, October 2015

ABC Radio interview- Cossack Artist in Residence, July 2015

Appeared on ‘The Mix’ arts and culture program, ABC 2 TV, July 25, 2014

‘Broome school teacher wins top prize at Cossack Art Awards’, ABC NEWS online article, July 2014

‘Cossack Art Award brings new life to old ghost town’, ABC North West WA online article, July 2014

‘The West Australian’ Today lift out article, Stephen Bevis, July 21st , 2014 p6

‘Art Prize’ Article. The Broome Advertiser, August 2012

‘Joyous art declared a Winner’ article. The Broome Advertiser, July 2012

‘Long Lost Passion’ article. Nicola Kalmar, The Broome Advertiser, Sep 2011

‘Olive wins prize’ article. Nicola Kalmar, The Broome Advertiser, Sep 2011

‘Portrait wins plaudits’ online article. Nicola Kalmar, The West Australian Regional Newspaper, Sep 2011

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